Q&A with Amy Smart

By Anna Bernard, Summer Intern

Anna Bernard

Anna Bernard

Our celebration of the launch of the My Stars imprint and the publication of our first book this fall continues with Q&As with each of the 10 authors.

Amy Smart grew up in Salt Lake City watching her mom sew and quilt. Now, as the mother of four children, Amy is the one doing the sewing and quilting. She still lives in Utah, and besides her sewing passion, she enjoys hiking and going on road trips with her family, watching BBC movies and eating delicious food prepared by other people. If you want to see more of her work, check out her blog.


How did you get started quilting? Did you sew before you started learning to quilt?

Amy Smart

Amy Smart

I first learned to sew and quilt from my mom. I think I inherited her fabric obsession as well.
How do you define modern quilting?

That’s so tricky to answer because I don’t feel like I’m a purist when it comes to defining modern quilting. I think some of my favorite facets of the modern quilting movement are taking inspiration from traditional quilt blocks and patterns and changing the scale or the colors to create a new take on tradition. Another factor I think that modern quilts tend to be a little more minimalist, which ironically reminds me of older quilting styles, like the Amish.

Sarah-Jane-Let's-Pretend-quiltWhat types of quilts do you make — modern, traditional, a mix of the two — and why?

I would say I live in both the modern and traditional worlds and feel very comfortable in both. I have so much appreciation for traditional quilts, but I continue to be inspired by the modern quilting movement and find myself gravitating in that direction.

How do you utilize social media in your quilting?

I enjoy writing a blog and love to share my projects there as well as on Facebook. My newest addiction is Instagram. Lots of fun, and a quick way to check out other sewing and quilting inspiration via my phone when I’m on the go.

Quilt at the Beach-001If you had a quilting motto, what would it be?

Perfection is overrated.

What other creative outlets do you have?

Between four kids and keeping up with an online business and blog, I would say sewing is my one creative outlet right now, but it serves me well.

Modern-spectrum-half-square-triangle-quiltWhat types of fabrics are you most drawn to?

I love bright, cheerful colors in graphic, modern prints, but I’m also a sucker for 20th century vintage prints.

If you could have one quilting superpower, what would it be?

To be an awesome machine quilter. That is a skill I totally lack.

Quilt-Market-2013-diary-of-a-quilter-002Describe your quilting aesthetic in five words or less.

Scrappy and colorful.

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